BREAKING: Andrea Tantaros Gets Some AWFUL News After Turning On Fox

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Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros made headlines earlier this summer when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the network and it’s CEO Roger Ailes. Now, however, a new legal filing has put some major holes in her story.

Attorney David Garland, who represents Fox and other current executives, wrote in a legal briefing this week that Tantaros is a “wannabe” who is not a victim but instead an “opportunist.”

Law Newz reported that Tantaros claimed in her lawsuit that she was sexually harassed by Ailes and that the network was run like a “a sex-fueled, playboy mansion-like cult.” The former cohost of The Five then claimed she was benched for complaining.

The only problem with this story is the fact that Tantaros NEVER complained that Ailes sexually harassed her until she filed her lawsuit. Making her story even more suspicious is the fact that she DID complain back in March about four other co-workers in a letter from her attorney. This letter was sent in response to a dispute over Tantaros’ recent book being published (allegedly) without Fox’s authorization, and it named four men who harassed her at the network. Ailes was not on this list.

When Fox News conducted an internal investigation regarding her initial complaint in the Spring, Tantaros refused to meet with them at first, but she later begrudgingly agreed to. The Fox News legal brief stated:

Tantaros did not state before or during the interview that Ailes had sexually harassed her. Because Tantaros had great difficulty describing the alleged sexual harassment by the other four men, she was twice asked: “Can you recall any specific statements of a sexualized nature that anyone said to you?” Both times she replied that she did not recall.

Fox News interviewed 13 people about Tantaros’ initial sexual harassment complaint, but not one of them backed up her story.

“None of the persons interviewed supported any of Tantaros’s claims. The four men accused of sexual harassment vehemently denied,” attorneys for Fox News wrote in the brief.

Something fishy is going on here…

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