BREAKING: Former Aide Turns On Hillary – Reveals Secret She’s Been Trying To Hide

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James Carville, longtime aide to both the Clintons, turned on them on Tuesday when he admitted that their decision to accept foreign donations via the Clinton Foundation was an unwise political move.

“If you ask me as a political adviser, of course,” he responded after he was asked by Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist whether the Clintons should have pledged from day one not to accept foreign donations, versus them having just recently announced an end to said donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

“If you ask me as a human being, I’m not sure,” Carville then added, according to Conservative Tribune. He went on to claim that billions of dollars received by the Clinton Foundation have been used to save lives.

However, The Daily Wire found that the foundation’s 2013 tax returns revealed that only about 6.4 percent of the $140 million it raised that year went toward “direct aid.” The rest went to overhead costs, including first class flights for the Clintons. Joe Scarborough could not stay silent about this and called out Carville for his lie.

“That’s BS,” he said in response to Carville’s defense of the Clinton Foundation, adding that if it was indeed such a great charity, it wouldn’t require the direct involvement of each of the Clintons.

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