BREAKING: Murdered DNC Staffer Was About To Do THIS With Hillary Before He Was Shot Dead

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Over the last few weeks, we have been reporting on the mysterious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was shot dead in Washington D.C. on July 10.

Though police initially said his murder was a robbery gone-wrong, suspicions were raised about a conspiracy when it was revealed that his wallet and cellphone were not taken from him. Rumors swirled that Seth was the DNC staffer who was Wikileaks source in their anti-Hillary Clinton leaks, but his father has just spoken out to say that he does not think this was the case.

We want to get this solved, that’s the number one thing,” Joel Rich told Daily Mail. “We can’t bring Seth back but we can try to make the city safer and take away the person who wanted to go after someone just for a cellphone.”

“We don’t know if there’s one person or two people – all we know is that there was a scuffle. Seth’s watchband was torn, so somebody had tried to grab that,” he added. “We need more help – somebody was bruised, somebody’s clothes are torn. Think about who that person is.”

Joel added that just four days before his death, Seth learned that he had been chosen to work on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“He’d worked on senate and house campaigns but he’d always wanted to work on a presidential campaign,” his father said. “He had just found out they wanted him and he was probably going to be moving up to Brooklyn through the election. He was really excited about that.”

Because of this, Joel’s father believes that Clinton was not behind a conspiracy to have his son killed. However, this means that Seth is just the latest victim in a long line of people close to Hillary Clinton who have been killed under mysterious circumstances.

Who do you think killed Seth Rich? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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