BREAKING: Obama Announces Major Change To November Election – It’s Happening

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Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson dropped a horrifying bombshell on Wednesday when he revealed that Barack Hussein Obama is weighing measures to strengthen polling places this November against cyber attacks.

According to American News, this revelation follows the multiple high-profile hacks of Democratic organizations. The evaluation will aim to debate whether or not to designate electronic balloting systems as “critical infrastructure.”

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process is critical infrastructure, like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Johnson told reporters at a breakfast in Washington D.C. “There’s a vital national interest in our electoral process.”

Johnson went on to claim that the United States has made good progress in voter integrity and security thanks to recommendations made by a commission following the controversial 2000 presidential election.

“But there is more to do,” he added. “The nature of cyberthreats has evolved.”

He then pointed out that there are over 9,000 polling jurisdictions, all with varying ways of casting, tallying and reporting votes.

“That varied infrastructure and those different systems also pose a difficult challenge to potential hackers,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest commented. “It’s difficult to identify a common vulnerability.”

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