BREAKING: Obama Issues Disturbing New Order – Our Daughters Are In Danger…

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President Barack Obama has just issued a horrifying new order demanding that all federal agencies across the states allow men and women to use whichever bathroom fits their so-called “gender identity.”

“Federal agencies occupying space under the jurisdiction, custody, or control of (the General Services Administration) must allow individuals to use restroom facilities and related areas consistent with their gender identity,” read a decree issued on Thursday by Obama’s Federal Register. “As consistent with guidance by (the Department of Justice) and (the Department of Education), the self-identification of gender identity by any individual is sufficient to establish which restroom or other single-sex facilities should be used.”

Conservative Tribune reported that this means any man or woman who visits one of the 9,000-plus buildings occupied or maintained by federal authorities can use whichever bathroom they want to.

The Christian Post pointed out that Obama’s decree makes no mention of “how the agency plans to enforce the policy as it pertains to non-transgender sexual predators who might try to take advantage of the policy to gain access to bathrooms, showers and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex for their own twisted desires and fantasies.”

Of course, Obama is annoying the fact that his latest order allows any pervert to enter a woman’s bathroom by claiming to be female himself, giving him access to any woman or little girl inside it.

This serves as a warning to any parent who plans to bring their daughter to a federal building from here on out: do NOT let your little girls use the bathroom alone!

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