BREAKING: Officials Find The Unthinkable In Muslim Refugee Camp – This Proves Trump Was Right…

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Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal supporters all over the world are always talking about how “safe” Muslim refugees are. Stories like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth.

According to Mad World News, authorities in Europe have just announced that they uncovered fake passports printed by the Islamic State in the hands of refugees they’ve allowed into their countries. This came after police conducted a series of raids on refugee camps and found the ISIS-forged documents in the possession of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in camps located in Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Austria.

“In particular, they have identified fake passports in the refugee camps in Greece that were destined to supposed members of ISIS (ISIL),” the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported.

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This confirms our worst fears that Western countries are taking in ISIS militants as refugees. It also confirms that at least 2 of the perpetrators behind the Paris terrorist attacks in November had entered France as Syrian refugees on forged documents.

Putting this report into perspective is the fact that a total of 58,000 migrants have already been accepted into Greece, which is one of the countries to have accepted some of the refugees with ISIS-forged documents. Now, there is no way to know how many of these migrants that came to the country are affiliated with the terror group.

The investigative journal the Clarion Project reported back in November that an ISIS militant confirmed in November 2015 that at least 4,000 jihadists were already smuggled into Europe disguised as refugees. Many hoped that he was lying, but what officials just found suggests he may have been telling the truth.

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