Burqa-Clad Muslim Mouths Off To Teacher – Gets A RUDE Wakeup Call

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Two entitled Muslim girls ages 12 and 14 got a brutal lesson in courtesy from the Swiss government recently when they threw a fit over being required to take swimming lessons alongside boys.

According to Conservative Tribune, the girls whined that swimming alongside boys would violate their religious principles. However, Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee, wasn’t having any of it as she rejected their citizenship applications.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” he said of the decision to reject their applications, according to USA Today.

With this move, the Swiss government sent the message that Muslims who refuse to assimilate into their culture will not get the benefits associated with being a citizen of their nation. They made this point once again a few months ago when  two Muslim brothers reportedly refused to shake their female teacher’s hand because of her gender. These boys also saw their citizenship requests be denied.

If only the U.S. would treat our refugees this way…

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