Burqa-Clad Muslim Tries To Sue US Store – Gets EXPOSED In Major Lie

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Proud Muslim Nadia Kamal made headlines recently when she claimed the store Advance America Cash Advance, a payday lender, recently denied her service simply because she was wearing a hijab. She claims that when the clerk at the store asked her to remove, she refused for both “religious and cultural reasons.”

“The lady she told them just take it off a little bit and put it back,” said Fatah Kamal, Nadia’s husband, according to Top Right News. “She said I can’t, ‘I’m in a public place I cannot do that.’”

What the media has been ignoring is the fact that the store had a sign up that clearly told customers that no sunglasses or hats could be worn inside. The establishment had several criminal incidents in the weeks prior to this incident, so they put the store up to make it easier for them to identify suspects.

Despite this, Kamal and her husband continued to push this, announcing plans to sue after they teamed up with the Council of American Islamic Relations.

“This is really about ignorance, it’s really about fossilized policies and people being stubborn and not coming up to the modern time,” said CAIR spokesman Dawud Walid.

However, it was then that a patriot pointed out that as a Muslim, Kamal should not have been in a payday loan store, which charges interest. You see, Muslims are not allowed to pay interest, so if being a “proud Muslim” was so important to this woman, she wouldn’t have been in the store in the first place.

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