Congress Releases Damning Hillary Footage She NEVER Wanted Us To See

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The House Oversight Committee dropped a bombshell on Hillary Clinton this week when they released footage that focuses on four separate instances that Hillary Clinton perjured herself during her testimony before Congress in 2015 about her personal email server.

According to Conservative Tribune, the video shows how Clinton’s statements findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which were released to the public in July.

In the first incident, Clinton claimed that there was nothing marked classified on the emails she sent or received, but FBI director James Comey confirmed that at least three of the emails had been marked classified. She then claimed that her team went through every one of the thousands of emails that were sent to the State Department. However, Comey said that Clinton and her people had not read all the emails and instead relied on headers and a narrow set of search terms.

Clinton also testified that she only used one server to house her emails, but the FBI found that she used several servers during her time in the Obama administration. Finally, Clinton told congress that she handed over all of her emails to the State, but investigators found several thousand emails related to work that were not in the initial group of 30,000 that she relinquished.

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