Dog The Bounty Hunter Embroiled In Massive Lawsuit – Being Sued By THIS State

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Dog The Bounty Hunter, also known as Duane Chapman, has found himself in hot water in recent weeks after the state of Hawaii filed a lawsuit against him claiming his bail bonds business owes Hawaii $35,500.

“Bail bond companies promise to pay us when their clients skip court,” state Attorney General Doug Chin said in a statement in which he revealed his office is suing Da Kine Bail Bonds for forfeitures from 21 criminal cases. “Simply put, if they don’t pay we have to hunt down that money.”

Fox News reported that Chapman and his wife Beth have disputed these allegations, saying they already caught most of the fugitives who jumped bail on their reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter. They added that this makes the forfeitures “null and void.”

Hawaii’s lawsuit also names Safety National Casualty Corporation as a defendant, arguing that the company is the surety obligated to pay if Da Kine defaults. The Chapmans’ publicist said they haven’t been served with any formal petition as of now.

“We have actually worked with the state to retrieve millions of dollars in forfeitures from bail bonds companies across the state over the last 15 years without any cost to tax payers,” the statement said, “so it’s unfortunate that we are being targeted and our names are now in the headlines associated with this petition.”

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