Footage Of Ice Cube Attacking Hillary and Supporting Trump Goes Viral – But Then He Loses It…

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Over the weekend, a brief clip of musician and actor Ice Cube complimenting Donald Trump was posted online to indicate an endorsement for the GOP presidential campaign. Hours later, however, Ice Cube submitted to the liberal world of Hollywood by recanting his endorsement of Trump.

Bizpac Review reported that Ice Cube’s comments were made during a Bloomberg Politics “With All Due Respect” interview, conducted by John Heilemann.

“Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be,” the rapper said. “He looks like a boss to everybody and Americans love to have a boss, so that’s his appeal to me.”

Unfortunately, in the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s considered detrimental to one’s career to endorse Trump. Clearly, Ice Cube lose his nerve, because he recanted his statement within four hours of the clip being posted.

“I will never endorse a mothaf—a like Donald Trump! EVER!!!” Ice Cube said, despite the fact that endorsing Trump is exactly what he did in the above clip.

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