Hillary Panicking After She’s Caught Doing THIS on Camera

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Hillary Clinton is currently fighting accusations that she is suffering from poor health and mental issues. These rumors were made worse during a speech on Monday when Hillary froze and blacked out on stage.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, this came days after Hillary froze during a speech in Denver as protesters screamed at her.

Fox News host Sean Hannity recently discussed the allegations about Hillary’s health on his show:

Sean Hannity: By the way it’s in the Daily Mail “Hillary’s Health Problems More Severe Than Thought” and a new book is coming out that claims that. The Gateway Pundit had today Hillary’s handler carrying a Diazepam pen for patients who experience recurrent seizures… What about this photo that The Gateway Pundit had up today, Jim Hoft, in an article you know Hillary’s handler caught with a Diazepam pen. What would that be for?

Dr. David Samadi: So one of the things that happens after having a concussion, usually in a year or so, all of the symptoms should resolve. Occasionally you have delayed or post-concussion syndrome and seizure is one of those… And that can come years down the road.

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