Hillary’s Damaging Mental Health Issues Just Got EXPOSED

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More video evidence is going viral this week suggesting that Hillary Clinton is suffering from serious mental health issues that she is trying to hide from the American people.

According to Conservative Tribune, the first piece of footage comes from a recent campaign rally in Las Vegas, where Clinton froze when animal rights activists in the crowd began heckling her. However, when hecklers once again called her out in Des Moines on Wednesday night, she ignored them as if nothing was happening.

The two responses could not have been more different. Watch the video above this story to see how different her Las Vegas reaction was.

Then there’s this newly-surfaced photo from February that shows Clinton being helped up the stairs by her aides. It’s clear there is something very wrong with this woman…


Now, rumors have surfaced that the man circled in red is actually a personal assistant or health care professional hired by Clinton to stay with her at all times to monitor her health.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is trying to hide a major illness from voters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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