ISIS Suicide Bomber Tries To Blow Himself Up – Gets A NASTY Surprise Instead

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An ISIS terrorist tried to launch a deadly attack in Canada this week, but it didn’t end well for him.

According to The Political Insider, Aaron Driver was already on Canada’s terrorist watch yet when he made a homemade bomb that he planned to detonate in a crowded public area. However, he wasn’t expecting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to act so quickly.

When Driver tried to detonate his bomb, he was immediately shot dead by police, making him the only casualty of his so-called attack.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz reported that Driver had been arrested by police in the past.

“Police said that he once published instructions on inspiring jihadists to reach Syria and referred to non-Muslims as enemies,” Raddatz said. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police received credible information of a potential terrorist threat.”

This proves that despite what Obama says, ISIS has not been “contained.” If they’re targeting Canada, it won’t be long before the launch an attack on the U.S. again as well.

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