Megyn Kelly HUMILIATED On Live TV After She Tries To Attack Trump

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During Friday’s episode of The Kelly File, Fox News host Megyn Kelly had a meltdown over Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

According to Conservative Tribune, Kelly tried to convince former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee that Trump’s Muslim ban would have prevented Army Capt. Humayun Khan, the Muslim soldier who fought and died for America in Iraq in 2004, from coming to the United States. Huckabee wasn’t having any of it, however, arguing that the point of Trump’s ban “is to make sure people are vetted” and could be assimilated.

“But the one thing that always has to be put into perspective is that Donald Trump has not said that this young man would not have been allowed into the country because this family came to America because they wanted to come and be Americans,” Huckabee said in response to Kelly’s assertion. “But Donald Trump doesn’t want to make sure that every Muslim never comes to America. But he does want to make sure that when people come, whoever they are, not just Muslims but whoever they are, if they emigrate to this country, they emigrate because they want to assimilate and be Americans.”

“That is not at all what he has proposed,” Kelly said, interrupting Huckabee. “That is not at all what he has proposed, Governor. He proposed a Muslim, which only now has he changed which he said, he didn’t walk it back. He says he’s expanded his ban on Muslims to include Muslims from any territory that suffers terrorism.”

“And the UAE, where this little boy, at 2 years old, came from, would be included,” she added. “His parents are from Pakistan. That would be included. And so that’s the dad’s point, that his son, an American hero, would not have been here if Donald Trump had been president when they wanted to come.”

Huckabee argued that Trump’s “intent is to make sure that people are vetted. It’s not just an outright or a permanent ban, and he even said it would be a temporary suspension of immigration until we knew. Keep in mind that this was in the context of the president, President Obama, wanting to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to the country.”

“I’m not taking anything away from this family, nothing from the father, nothing from the son,” Huckabee said. “But I don’t think it’s accurate, nor is it fair to say that Donald Trump would have stood in the way of a family getting to America who clearly wanted to come, who could be vetted, would be vetted, and found to be wanting to assimilate and become a part of America.”

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