Michelle Obama Just Disrespected Louisiana Flood Victims In A SICK Way

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Barack Obama disrespected Americans everywhere last week when he refused to cut his multi-million dollar Martha’s Vineyard to visit Louisiana, which has been devastated by flooding that left 13 dead and over 4,000 displaced from their homes.

Now, new reports are confirming that Michelle Obama played a large role in her husband’s decision to ignore the Louisiana flood.

According to Three Percent Nation, Michelle put her foot down when Americans called for her husband to visit Louisiana, saying that she did not see that as a valid enough reason to end her beloved vacation early. As we all know, Michelle lives for her multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded vacations, and she wasn’t about to let a flood get in the way of one of her last ones.

However, the first lady did allow her husband to briefly halt his vacation to attend a fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday night. Michelle herself refused to go, instead choosing to continue lounging at the mansion on the beach that was paid for by the American people.

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