Pharmacy Exec. Turns On Hillary – Confirms She Has THIS Major Disease

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Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is known for making the controversial decision to raise the price of Daraprim (an HIV drug) by more than 5000%. Now, he is making headlines once again for dropping a nuclear bomb on Hillary Clinton.

According to The Political Insider, Shkreli said that his 15-years of experience in the industry have caused him to come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is suffering from a serious level of Parkinson’s Disease. Though he typically donates to the Democratic Party, Shkreli said that Clinton’s condition is so obvious that he has stopped doing this.

Shkreli went on to say that Clinton’s documented difficulty with walking is a “cardinal symptom of Parkinson’s disease” and what is known as “freezing gait.” Her “on-off episodes” are a result of dopamine depletion, according to Shkreli, which is impacting Hillary’s movement.

“We’ve all seen the videos of her kind of making these perplexed facial movements,” said Shkreli, who added that Clinton’s over-reaction to balloons at the DNC was “unusual” because it betrayed an “inability to control her facial movements.”

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