She Had No Idea Why Her Breath Was So Bad – Then Doctors Found THIS In Her Mouth

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Renee Beckler found herself plagued with bad breath that wouldn’t go away no matter how much she brushed, so she finally decided to see a doctor for help. She never expected him to find this in her mouth…

According to Right Wing News, doctors found that Beckler’s bad breath was being caused by tonsil stones. Specifically, the odor came from bacteria feeding on the tonsil stones, which release a gas with a foul, sulfurous smell.

In order to treat Beckler’s condition, doctors had her undergo a laser ablation, which is an outpatient procedure where the throat is numbed and the stones zapped with a laser. IJ Review reported that tonsil stones rarely come back once they’re gone.

Meghan Swann suffered from the same condition, but she opted for a more home-grown technique to rid herself of her tonsil stones. She was able to remove the stones herself by using a Q-tip to probe her tonsils.

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