Veteran Catches Obama-Voting Hoodlums Disrespecting The Military – Hits Them With THIS

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The Pokemon Go craze has spread across the country like wildfire, with millions of millennial playing the addictive game and trespassing on private property in the process. A few days ago, however, one elderly veteran had had enough.

According to Conservative Tribune, the veteran was furious when he saw that Pokemon Go players had set up tents in a  veterans memorial park in Winona, Minnesota. KARE-TV reported that video shows the veteran destroying the tents, lecturing the young people, and even knocking one of their cellphones to the ground.

The veteran has been identified as Bruce Reeds, who is described as a “well-known Winona veteran” and the chairman of the Veterans Memorial Park.

“It’s not a (expletive) campground,” Reed shouted. “These are like (expletive) gravestones right there.”

Though Reed was charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property, he says he has no regrets.

“Like I say, it’s almost like Arlington,” Reed said. “You think Arlington would allow this to happen? No. well it shouldn’t happen here in Winona either. I deal with PTSD, and I guess kind of the light went off in my head, I kind of snapped, I think. Let my emotions carry me. And this is what’s happened.”

“I don’t regret it for a minute. I’m glad I did it. I’ve got support. Anyone could have done it. I just happened to be the guy to do it,” Reed added.

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