Black Trump Supporter Risks Everything To Slam ‘Slave Driver’ Obama – ‘I Don’t Want Handouts…’

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Barack Obama and his liberal media have been working overtime to make Donald Trump look like a racist bigot so that minorities won’t want to vote for him. Now, however, a group of black Trump supporters are firing back.

According to Conservative Tribune, the video above opens with two black men saying that they will be voting for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. They then show a fascinating montage arguing against Clinton as a candidate and other people within the African-American community confirming what they said.

“I’m voting for Trump because I want jobs, not welfare!” one black man said in the montage. “I don’t want to be a slave anymore! I don’t want handouts! I want freedom! I want actual freedom.”

They later showed how black Trump supporters were treated by others after they said they’re voting for The Donald. That footage was downright disturbing, as one teenage boy received death threats. Another black man was followed down the street by dozens of people jeering him, with one man following him around just to get his middle fingers on camera.

“Liberals and Democrats use racism in order to funnel votes to their candidate,” one man said at around the 5:40 mark in the video. “It’s simple mind games that liberals and Democrats can play. They will push racism as a tool to get you to vote Democrat.”

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