BREAKING: Hillary Caught On Camera CHEATING During Debate

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During the first presidential debate on Monday night, millions of Americans noticed that it was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Now, evidence has emerged that Clinton cheated in two different ways during the debate.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the video above this story clearly shows Clinton signaling to moderator Lester Holt when she wanted to answer a question by subtly scratching her face. True Pundit reported that Clinton has not been seen doing this in any other debate in her long career, supporting the theory that this was a signal.

Photos also suggest that Clinton cheated, as there appears to be a device of some sort taped to her back below her clothing. Many are speculating that this device was an earpiece Clinton used to get advice from her advisors during the debate.


Trump has once again been proven right with these pieces of evidence, as they make it clear that this election is indeed rigged against him.

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