BREAKING: House Turns On Hillary – Drops Criminal Bombshell On Her

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Hillary Clinton got some awful news this week when it was announced that FBI Director James Comey, and possibly a former adviser to Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal will testify before congress about her use of a personal email server.

The Daily Caller reported that Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday that the committee would definitely hold hearings. He added that Comey was scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee next week. Patrick Kennedy, the State Department career official who oversees daily operations at the agency, will testify this week.

“Thursday, a hearing with the undersecretary for management, Mr. Kennedy, who will come and testify along with a host of others about how did they snooker the American public for years in filling these (Freedom of Information Act) requests and the media, and what are they going to do to clean it up,” Chaffetz said, according to Conservative Tribune. He went on to slam the State Department and say that officials “essentially lied to the media, the world, and the public” about Clinton’s emails.

“We want to know from the State Department how they misled the American public for so long,” Chaffetz continued.

Three other State Department officials who handle FOIA requests are also scheduled to testify.

Chaffetz explained that he and his fellow Republicans are trying to find out if Clinton, any of her aides, or a company Clinton hired to manage her email system had violated a subpoena when deleting thousands of her emails. In addition, he plans to question Comey on why so much of the email investigation report the FBI released last week was redacted, as around 25 of 47 pages were redacted in full.

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