BREAKING: The Media IS Trying To Hide The SICK Thing Hillary Did At Rally – Spread This NOW

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The mainstream media is doing everything they can to rig the presidential election for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. This week, they did this once again by not reporting on the major difference in the number of supporters that turned out to each of the candidates’ rallies this week.

According to The Political Insider, over 12,000 people turned up at Trump’s rally in Florida this week while a measly 600 people were at Clinton’s latest rally in Iowa. This makes it clear that Trump has WAY more devoted supporters than Clinton does.

The media, however, made no mention of how few people were at Clinton’s rally.

Trump supporters turned up at Clinton’s rally to give her the brutal welcome she deserved.

During the Iowa rally, Clinton attacked Trump for a series of truly ridiculous reasons.

“It breaks my heart to see all the mean spirited, divisive, bigoted things that are being said in our country,” Clinton whined, according to Breitbart.

Clinton opened her speech by claiming that she wanted her campaign to be “about something, not just against somebody” and tried to spark a positive tone in the rally.

“We can have our differences for heaven’s sakes, we’re Americans, that’s in our DNA,” she said, going on to call for everyone to “listen to one another” going forward.

The media can try to make Clinton appear as popular as they want to, but that isn’t gonna help her beat Trump. SHARE this story so we can show the world what Americans REALLY think about Clinton!

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