BREAKING: This Plan Was Just Launched To Impeach Hillary BEFORE She Takes Office

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Hillary Clinton got some bad news this week when Andrew C. McCarthy argued in the National Review that impeachment is not just about removal from office but also about disqualification from future office.

According to Conservative Tribune, McCarthy said Clinton could be impeached for abuses committed during her tenure as Secretary of State.

“The Constitution does not say the impeached person must be a current officeholder,” McCarthy said. “The point of impeachment is to deny power to any person … whose high crimes and misdemeanors have demonstrated unfitness for a high public trust.”

The Constitution specified “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” as offenses that are worthy of impeachment. McCarthy wrote that one need not be in office to commit such deeds, but that anyone who did would be unsuitable for public office in the future.

Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 of the Constitution stated that the punishment resulting from impeachment may include “disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.”

Citing Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist No. 65, McCarthy argued that the founding fathers understood “high crimes and misdemeanors” to involve (in Hamilton’s words), “the abuse or violation of some public trust,” offenses that “relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

McCarthy said that Clinton’s email scandal, her careless handling of classified documents, her repeated lies to Congress and the public, and the shady doings of the Clinton Foundation all come together to form “a legacy void of accomplishment but rich in the abuse of power.” He argued that she should be impeached from all future public offices due to her awful record as Secretary of State.

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