BREAKING: Top Fox News Host To Possibly Be FIRED For Calling Hillary ‘Ugly’ During Debate

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Fox News host Brit Hume has found himself in hot water with liberals this week over some supposedly “sexist” comments he made about Hillary Clinton during the debate on Monday.

According to American News, Hume is under fire because he described Clinton as “composed, smug sometimes” but “not necessarily attractive” as he commented on the debate. Liberals pointed out that Hume did not mention Donald Trump’s appearance, instead simply saying that the GOP presidential nominee looked “annoyed” and “put out.”

Liberals are now calling for Hume do be fired because he dared to comment on Clinton’s personal appearance.

“Brit Hume, whose face looks as if it is melting downward, appoints self as judge of attractiveness,” Adam W. Gilreath commented.

“Brit Hume says Hillary Clinton looked smug and not always attractive—what kind of description is that of the Dem nominee for president?” Wendy Schiller added.

Some went so far as to bring up the recent sexual harassment allegations against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

“Not surprising Brit Hume saying #Hillary ‘not necessarily attractive.’ Works for #FoxNews known sexist network Remember #RogerAiles? #Debates,” one Twitter user wrote.

The fact that liberals are attacking Hume for his commentary while saying nothing about the fact that moderator Lester Holt completely rigged the election for Clinton is laughable. SHARE this story if you stand by Brit Hume!

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