Burqa-Clad Muslim LOSES IT When She Sees What’s On This Man’s Shirt…

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A burqa-clad Muslim was walking around her college campus recently when she saw a man wearing a shirt that immediately sent her into a rage.

When the Muslim came upon a white former Curtin University student on the campus in Perth, Australia, she immediately told him to “f*ck off” and told him he had no right to be there because of what was on his shirt. Mad World News reported that Dennis Huts had an appointment on campus, but he was instead berated by the woman because he supported a conservative politician.

According to Express, Huts’ shirt showed that he supports conservative leader Pauline Hanson who has publicly proclaimed that “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.”


The burqa-clad student accused Huts of “demonizing Muslims” by wearing a Hanson-supporting shirt, going on to call him a “fascist.” She also told him that he had no right to be at the school and ordered him to leave immediately.

“He is a proto-fascist. He has no right to be here,” she told him. “All he wants to do is demonize Muslims. Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus, you’re not welcome here!”

Huts fired back by saying he has an appointment and that he has every right to be at the school. He also told her that he would not be leaving simply because she was “offended.”

“Respect our rights. F*** off, move on,” the Muslim woman said as she concluded her rant.

Huts uploaded the video to social media to show that Muslims are actually the  instigators of conflict in many cases. However, this backfired and Huts was banned from social media for thirty days for posting the video, which was deleted from the sites. Luckily, copies of it still exist on Youtube.

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