Burqa-Clad Muslim Thinks She Doesn’t Have to Follow the Laws… BOY WAS SHE WRONG

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When a Muslim woman was pulled over for speeding in Norway, she tried to use her religious beliefs to get out of the ticket. Unfortunately for her, however, the police officer wasn’t having any of it.

Mad World News reported that Officer Patrick Vermeulen encountered the woman during an episode of the famous Norwegian police documentary Wegmisbruikers, which translates to “Road Offenders.” He pulled over the Muslim for driving while not wearing a seatbelt, and things immediately got very weird.

Vermeulen greeted the woman with a handshake, which is customary in Norway, but she refused to touch him, saying that religion will not allow unmarried men and women to touch. When the officer explained to her that she had been pulled over for using her phone and not properly securing her seatbelt, the entitled Muslim interrupted him to say that she was only using her cell phone to listen to the Quran in order to cure her toothache. Unfazed by this, Vermeulen proceeded to write her a $245 ticket.

“An aspirin will probably work better against the pain than the Quran,” he said.

He added that regardless of what she is “listening” to, she must use a hands-free device if she wishes to use her phone while driving, just like non-Muslims.

The video above is in Norwegian, but you get the gist of how ridiculous the woman was being.

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