Burqa-Clad Muslims Think School’s Dress Code Rules Don’t Apply To Them – Get A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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Two Muslim mothers wearing hijabs and veils were under the impression that their Islamic clothing was an exception to a school’s “no religious emblems” rule. Unfortunately for them, however, they quickly learned that they were dead wrong.

According to Mad World News, an elementary school on the French Island of Corsica has a strict policy against religious icons, refusing to allow students to wear anything that defines their faith. When the two Muslim women arrived at the school wearing a hijab, a group of angry fathers decided to enforce the rule themselves.

The Local reported that the livid fathers confronted the mothers and reminded them of the ban. Local prosecutor Eric Bouillard said that the women “were stopped by two men, two brothers, who thought it wasn’t right that their children are not allowed to wear emblems of their religion at school and yet these women could enter with their veils.”

Unfortunately, the the political correctness of the school prevailed and officials allowed the women entry with their Sharia-mandated clothing, pathetically excusing allowing the women to wear the garb by claiming that while students are prevented from displaying religious symbols, parents are not required to submit to this rule.

Bonifacio mayor Jean-Charles Orsucci told reporters that his education official “had intervened to allow normal entry to the school.”

These Muslim women should be required to submit to the SAME rules as everyone else. SHARE if you agree!

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