Here’s What The Mainstream Media Is Trying To Hide About The Charleston Shooting…

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The city of Charlotte, North Carolina was engulfed in race-baiting riots on Tuesday night after police fatally shot a man who they say had a handgun. Race-baiters immediately took to the streets to protest what they claimed was yet another act of police brutality.

The mainstream media (especially CNN) offered sympathetic coverage of the protesters as they looted Walmart and set police cars on fire supposedly in the name of peace. However, the liberal media left out one key fact about Charlotte in their reports about the riots: the city is controlled by Democrats.

According to Conservative Tribune, the city of Charlotte has been controlled by Democrats for the vast majority of it’s history. This means that what basically happened last night was a bunch of Democrats took to the street to protest the conditions in their city that led to the shooting, but these conditions have been created by generations of Democrat control.

Incidents like this have happened in other Democrat-controlled cities across America like Detroit and Chicago. Though liberals have been in charge of these cities for decades, nothing ends up getting fixed. That’s why Donald Trump keeps asking inhabitants of these cities “What do you have to lose?”

It’s time to see if Republicans have what it takes to decrease inner-city crime, because what liberals are doing clearly isn’t working! SHARE this story so we can spread the TRUTH about Charleston!

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