Horrifying Moment Officer Is Shot Dead on Camera – THIS Is Why Police Don’t Hesitate

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In the past few months, Americans have seen a one-sided story of “police violence” being perpetuated by the liberal media that portrays cops as murderers. However, a new video tells the other side of the story and makes it clear what officers are up against when they are forced to decide whether they should open fire on a suspect who may try to kill them.

American News reported that Kyle Dinkheller was a 22 year-old deputy with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia in 1998, when he was killed in the line of duty. His murder was captured on video and has been used in police training for a decade and a half.

It all started when Dinkheller pulled over Andrew Howard Brannan for driving 100 miles per hour through a town in Georgia. The traffic stop was initially very routine, as Brannan willingly exited his vehicle to greet the officer. However, Brannan then put his hands in his pockets, causing Dinkheller to tell him to keep his hands visible.

That’s when things took a horrifying turn…

Brannan got angry and demanded Dinkheller shoot him, and the officer responded by calling in for backup. It was then that Brannan rushed the officer, and Dinkheller fought back with his baton to keep the thug away from him. Brannan ran back to his vehicle and returned with an M1 carbine rifle. He shot Dinkheller 9 times before hitting him with a 10th shot to the eye that proved to be fatal.

Brannan was later found guilty of Dinkheller’s murder and sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection last year. As he waited to be executed, he was asked why he killed the police officer.

“Because he let me,” he replied.

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