Lester Holt Hit With DEVASTATING Blow Days After Rigging Debate

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Millions of Americans were furious on Monday night when it became clear that Lester Holt had rigged the presidential debate in Hillary Clinton’s favor. This came back to bite Holt the very next day, when Fox News reporter James Rosen let him have it during the White House press briefing.

According to The Washington Post, Rosen began by asking White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest how he felt about Holt’s performance as a moderator.

“The fact that we’ve gone through a good 40 minutes or so of the briefing without mentioning Mr. Holt’s name I think is a pretty good endorsement of his performance,” said Earnest.

Determined to hold the White House accountable for what happened, Rosen fired back with the following question:

So it eluded the president’s attention that Mr. Holt, who enjoys the respect of everyone in this room, this questioner included, nonetheless, last night, pressed Mr. Trump pointedly on just about every perceived area of vulnerability for him, including his early statements about the Iraq War, his refusal to release his tax returns, his role in the birther issue, his endorsement of stop-and-frisk, and his comments about whether or not Mrs. Clinton has a presidential look, but somehow failed to press Mrs. Clinton even a single time on any of her perceived points of vulnerability such as her conduct with her emails, the role of the Clinton Foundation in the Clinton State Department, her refusal to release her Goldman Sachs speeches, her deep trustworthy deficit with the American electorate, her role in the destruction of Libya or the Benghazi attacks. None of those things were pressed by Mr. Holt. Did that elude the president’s attention, that sort of seeming imbalance in the questioning?

Earnest tried to dodge the question, saying, “Well, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that all of Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities were covered.”

We applaud Rosen for at least trying to get the White House to admit what a hack Holt really is. SHARE this story if you think Holt should be BANNED from moderating future debates!

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