Muslim Thug ATTACKS Woman For Wearing A Skirt

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Barack Hussein Obama is constantly talking about how Muslims just want to assimilate into Western culture. In reality, followers of Islam will never be satisfied until the entire Western world has submitted to Shariah law.

In the video above, a Muslim man who lives in the United Kingdom discusses how he feels no loyalty towards his Western country. Instead, he only feels loyalty to Islam.

“I identify myself as Muslim,” this man told a reporter, according to GOP The Daily Dose. “This is just an island I was born in.”

That statement exemplifies how many Muslims feel about western nations ruled by democracy, rather than Sharia Law.

The Muslim went on to launch into an attack on British woman for wearing skirts. He even says that he believes ALL women in the United Kingdom should be covered from head to toe at all times.

Clearly, many Muslims have no interest in ever being part of the Western world. Instead, they want to force non-Muslims to submit to THEIR laws!

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