Navy SEAL Left To Die In Afghanistan – Gives Muslim Terrorists One Last ‘Surprise’

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When a team of Navy SEALs found themselves surrounded by a group of Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan, they knew they had almost no chance of making it out alive. However, one wounded soldier decided to stay behind so that his team could find cover, and they later realized that the injured SEAL had one last brutal surprise for the terrorists.

During a battle on an Afghan mountain in 2002, SEAL Team 6 was quickly outgunned and outmanned. Not wanting to leave any man behind, Chief Britt Slabinski was determined to get the critically wounded Sergeant John Chapman down the mountainside alive with the rest of his team. However, when Slabinski looked back to see Chapman not breathing and another SEAL member get shot, he made the decision to abandon his position.

Fourteen years later, Slabinski has just learned that his read of the situation was wrong.

The New York Times reported that Chapman is now being considered for the Medal of Honor after officials discovered that not only was the wounded SEAL still alive but he did something incredible in his final moments. Evidence from aircraft software has just revealed that Chapman stayed behind and fought off Al-Qaeda militants for around another hour while his team rushed down the mountain to safety. According to Mad World News, predator drone footage shows that Chapman killed 2 fighters, one with hand-to-hand before drawing his final breath.

“Is it within John’s character to go on and do this? Without a question,” the chief said. “If John did this stuff, I want him to get recognized.”

Though touched by Chapman’s heroism, Slabinski has also found himself racked with guild for leaving one of his men behind. Twelve years after he last served in the war, Slabinski still suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

“These things happen in combat, but it’d be awful,” said Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell, a retired Delta Force commander who was involved in the broader operation that included the mountaintop episode. “It’d be terrible to find that out. It’s easy to say, ‘Well, I’d never leave someone behind.’ It’s a lot harder when you’re getting your ass shot off.”

“If anybody thought Chapman was alive, we would have been trying to move heaven and earth to get him out of there,” he added.

Slabinski credits Chapman “unequivocally with saving the lives of the entire rescue team.”

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