No-Nonsense Judge ANNIHILATES Hillary Clinton Over Health Woes

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Millions of Americans lost faith in Hillary Clinton when she admitted she has been secretly suffering from pneumonia after she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial on the fifteenth anniversary of the attacks.

This week, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro went on live television to slam Clinton for both her health issues and incessant race baiting hypocrisy.

“This week, Hillary is all better and she and her surrogates call on all Americans, all but us deplorables that is, to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric,” Pirro began, according to Conservative Tribune. “How? Through their own divisive rhetoric.”

Pirro went on to show clips of Clinton and one of her surrogates accusing Trump of being a racist bigot because of his comments about the Obama “birther” controversy. She followed this with a clip of Trump pointing out that the controversy was started by Clinton’s own 2008 campaign team.

The judge noted that Clinton is “so desperate for the black vote” that she is inciting racist issues in an attempt to demonize Trump. After showing a clip of Clinton denouncing Trump’s blunt yet truthful assessment of the problems ailing struggling black inner city communities nationwide, Pirro offered a blistering response.

“Maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping the reality of inner-city crime, like that on the South Side of Chicago,” the judge said. “Where young kids drop out of school because they have no hope of a future, join gangs, get guns and engage in all-out war.”

Pirro also attacked Clinton by reading back one of her own hypocritical quotes.

“Imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world. Imagine a president who sees someone who doesn’t look like him, doesn’t agree with him, and thinks that person must not be a real American, close quote,” the Fox News host said. “Hillary! That’s exactly what you said last week when you called us deplorable because we didn’t agree with your vision, we were not American.”

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