Obama-Loving Liberal Attacks Trump-Supporter – Gets BRUTAL Wakeup Call From Cops

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Tara Dublin is a crazed Hillary Clinton supporter who recently became enraged when she drove by a home with a Donald Trump sign in front of it. Dublin stopped her vehicle and confronted the homeowner for daring to support Trump, but she quickly learned that this might not have been such a good idea…

According to Mad World News, Dublin began hurling f-bombs at the man and accusing him of being racist, telling him that it was her first amendment right to berate him. She claimed to be a social media diva with thousands of followers, telling him that she is such a huge fanatic for Hillary that she calls herself “Tara Rodham Dublin” on her Facebook page.


When Dublin tried to drive away, the Trump supporter followed her and called the police. As soon as she was pulled over by officers, Dublin whipped out her cellphone camera and started videoing herself playing the victim. She told the cop that the Trump supporter was harassing her by following her and that she was just exercising her First Amendment rights.

“That guy scared me and chased me and threatened me,” Dublin said.

“How did he threaten you?” the officer asked her.

“By chasing me and taking pictures of my license plate and coming after me,” Dublin replied.

“What do you mean coming after you?” the cop said.

Dublin answered, “By jumping in his car and following me.”

Dublin then told the officer that she feels it is her personal duty to stop Trump. It was then that the cop had enough of her.

“Why don’t you just stop this and move on,” the officer asked.

“Move on? There is a racist xenophobic running for president and that guy is supporting him and I gave him the finger in a silent protest!” Dublin said, losing her temper.

The cop then gave her the dose of reality she deserved.

“No, you went out of your way to cause a visible action of harassment, and know this, you can’t go out of your way and harass people over your political issues,” he told her.

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