Obama Makes MASSIVE Move Against Gun-Lovers Who Make Their Own Ammo

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Ever since he took office, Barack Hussein Obama has been on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment. Now, a new law in his home state of Illinois has brought him one step closer to this goal.

WFLD that a new law was just proposed in Illinois that would have each individual bullet sold in the state stamped with a traceable serial number. According to Conservative Tribune, the law was presented as a way to crack down on the rampant gun violence in places like Chicago. Gun control activists say the process of the law would allow police to recover bullets and spent casings from crime scenes, locate the unique code on each piece, and then race it back to the store from which it was sold. They could then identify the person who purchased it and arrest them.

“We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets,” explained Rep. Sonya Harper.

However, gun store owners have slammed the proposal, arguing that it would require immense amounts of paperwork on their end and would create a virtually impossible task of keeping records for every ammo purchase. They also pointed out that this is not a realistic solution to the gun violence problem in the first place.

“Don’t go after these bullets and this bullet stamping thing — that’s ridiculous. Go after the gang bangers, the people who are let out on the streets from parole,” said Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports, a gun store located in Tinley Park.

This proposed law is also bad news for the community of gun owners who reload their own ammunition at home. If it goes through, the law would make it virtually impossible for reloaders and home manufacturers of ammunition to continue doing what they do, since they would be required to enter the expensive and bureaucratic mess of gun law compliance.

In the end, this is yet another liberal law that aims to make owning a gun more difficult. SHARE if you’re against this law!

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