Our Worst Fears Just Got Confirmed – Three ISIS Terrorists ARRESTED In Major City

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Three Syrian men were arrested in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on Tuesday, and police believe they were sent to the European nation by ISIS last year as a possible “sleeper cell.”

Federal prosecutors say the three Muslims are accused of coming to Germany in November at the behest of ISIS “in order either to carry out an assignment they had already received or to keep themselves ready for further instructions.”

Fox News reported that the men were arrested as part of raids that were carried out by police at refugee homes all over the northern German state. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that authorities had been observing the men for months and that “there are no indications of concrete attack plans” at present.

“This may have been a sleeper cell,” he continued.

de Maiziere added that the men appeared to have gotten into Europe through the same channels as two men who blew themselves up outside France’s national stadium in November in the Paris attacks claimed by IS.

“Everything points to the same smuggling organization as with the Paris attackers having brought these three who were arrested to Germany,” he said. “And everything points to the travel documents having come from the same workshop.”

In keeping with German privacy rules, the men have only been identified as Mahir Al-H., 17, Mohamed A., 26, and Ibrahim M., 18. All three were allegedly given passports by IS and were given a “high four-figure sum” of cash in U.S. dollars. They were also given cellphones with a pre-installed communication program.

The three men came to Germany through Turkey and Greece, the route used by most migrants to Europe last year.

These reports confirm that ISIS has not been “contained” as Barack Obama has claimed. They have clearly infiltrated the western world, and it is only a matter of time before they launch attacks on the United States.

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