Race-Baiting Mob In Charlotte BRUTALLY Beats Man Begging For Mercy – Media IGNORES

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The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has descended into race-baiting chaos this week as violent riots have been launched following the fatal shooting of an ARMED black man by police officers.

Since then, race-baiters have used the shooting as an excuse to pillage the city of Charlotte, looting and committing violent crimes every chance they can.

The Gateway Pundit reported that disturbing footage has emerged of a black mob in Charlotte cornering a man in a parking garage and brutally beating him simply because he is white. The man can be heard begging for mercy during the attack, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

While this is clearly a hate crime, don’t expect Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to investigate it anytime soon…

If a white mob had brutally beaten a black man as he begged for mercy, the footage would be all over the mainstream media and Obama would be on television lecturing us about how “racist” we are as Americans. However, since a white man was the victim, the media is refusing to report on it and no investigation has been launched.

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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