Teacher Caught Having SEX With Her 15 Year-Old Student After Sex Tape Goes Viral

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A married teacher was arrested this week after a video spread throughout the school she worked out showing her having sex with a 15 year-old student.

Daily Mail reported that Charlaina Lee Wilson, 33, of Knoxville, Alabama has been charged with rape, sodomy, transmitting obscene material to a child by computer and distributing material harmful to minors. Police say Wilson had sex with the boy on numerous occasions in various locations including school grounds and on field trips. The relationship is believed to have gone on for about a year.

Wilson taught agriculture at Selma High School in Alabama, but she quit eight months after starting there when the charges came to light. Investigators say the disturbing sex tape featured Wilson performing a solo sexual act and had been sent to the student she was having sex with.

“If it wasn’t for this video, it wouldn’t have come to light. I’m told the video has been circulated by a large amount of students over at Selma High School on Facebook and other social media sites,” said Police Chief Brock. “Last I heard, there was over 10,000 hits on one of the sites. She sent it to the student she was involved with. She had a sexual relationship with one student. We know of one student over there. He’s now 15 but this relationship sounds like it’s been going on since he was 14.”

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