Teacher Caught Having SEX With Her Special Needs Student

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A teacher’s aide in Fresno, California has been arrested on felony charges for having sex with an underage, special needs student.

ABC 13 reported that Theresa Marie Ramirez, 35, began having sex with a special needs student at Hoover High School in the fall of 2015. Police learned of this when the student told another teacher’s aide about the sexual relationship, and the aide quickly contacted the authorities.

Police say that Ramirez worked closely with the student for months before she crossed the line by having him come back to her apartment for sex. He began coming over regularly, and Ramirez both had sex with him and provided him with alcohol.

The victim was able to give police details about Ramirez’s apartment as well as details about a tattoo that’s on her body.

“It’s extremely serious,” Lt. Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police Department said. “It’s really a bad situation when this happens.”

This comes weeks after Fresno was rocked by a different teacher student sex scandal when Tenaya Middle School Teacher Justine Nelson was arrested for having sex with an 8th-grade boy. Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hanson said that male students having a relationship with a female teacher is not something to be proud of.

“I have watched it over and over again, damn near destroy the life of that young man,” he exclaimed. “They’re not ready. They don’t understand what’s occurred and it has long-term repercussions.”

“People need to get very clear if they have in their minds eye if they’re coming to work in education for any other reason that to pursue kid’s dreams of getting a better shot in life they are in the wrong place and they’re going to get found out and they’re going to get persecuted,” Hanson added.

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