THIS State Just Submitted To Shariah Law In A SICK Way

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Ever since he took office, Barack Hussein Obama has been trying to force our country to submit to Shariah law. Last week, he came one step closer to this goal in the state of South Carolina…

Last Wednesday, a bill was narrowly defeated in South Carolina that would have made it illegal for Muslims to use Sharia law in defense of crimes committed in the state. American News reported that the legislation was sponsored by Charleston Republican Rep. Chip Limehouse, and it was designed to prevent an attorney from arguing that the laws of a client’s home country allow for certain actions in South Carolina.

“I’m not surprised,” Limehouse said of the state Senate’s decision. “The Senate can be the graveyard of many good ideas.”

Limehouse went on to insist that legislation like this is necessary to curb the advancement of terrorist organizations in the country.

“To me a ban on Sharia law is kind of like a ban on poisonous gas,” he said. “It just makes sense.”

Unfortunately, the bill was shot down by a 9-10 vote last week, and it can’t be brought up again for at least another year.

“I couldn’t, in good conscience, support what it represents,” Sen. Ronnie Sabb, who helped defeat the bill, told the press. “A law like this sends us backwards.”

Many pointed out just how hypocritical Sabb’s statement was.

“Yes. What could be more forward-thinking than stoning for adultery, amputations for theft, murder of apostates, and the institutionalized subjugation of women and non-Muslims?” author Robert Spencer commented. “It’s the wave of the future!”

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