US Woman Gets Last Laugh After Seeing Muslim Brat Use Burqa To Get Her Way

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When Yvonne Allen recently travelled to the DMV near her home in Tuskegee, Alabama, she was horrified to learn that her rights were inferior to that of Muslims when she saw a burqa-clad follower of Islam use her head covering to get her way. However, it was Allen who ended up getting the last laugh…

According to Mad World News, Allen had a scarf tied around her head as per her own religious beliefs, but she was forced by DMV employees to remove it for her photo even though her entire face was showing. Allen was then stunned to see a burqa-clad Muslim come in and be permitted to keep her head-covering on.

When Allen protested, a clerk told her that only Muslim women are allowed to keep their head coverings on. It turns out that Muslims, who wear head coverings similar to Allens, were made exempt from the ID photo rule beginning back in 2004.

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Enraged by the injustice of this, Allen knew she had to do something, so she contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. The Washington Times reported that the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf on Tuesday against Lee County Probate Judge Bill English and clerk Becky Frayer.

“Revealing my hair to others is disobedient to God. I should have the same right as people of other faiths to be accommodated for my religious beliefs,” Allen said.

We can only hope that Allen’s lawsuit is successful in this endeavor. SHARE this story if you support her lawsuit!

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