VIDEO: Bizarre Object Falls From Hillary’s Pants During Collapse – Watch Closely…

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Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted that she is suffering from Pneumonia after footage showed her collapsing as she left the 9/11 memorial in New York City. Now, this footage is being examined closer, and what it revealed is shocking.

Conservative Tribune reported that the video above this story shows Clinton being propped up on a barrier pole before she is lifted into her van by security as she struggled against collapse. Now, the internet is abuzz over a zoomed in version of this footage that appears to show a bit of metal fall out of Clinton’s right pant leg just as her knees seemed to buckle.

The important part begins around the :23 mark in the video below:

Theories have run rampant as to what this bit of metal was, with many suggesting it might be a brace that was designed to hold Clinton up at the knees. It is likely a brace such as this one would have broken as she fell. Others have said it might be a device of some sort that was designed by the Secret Service.

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