Viewers Notice Something Disturbing When Hillary Discusses NYC Bombing – Watch Closely…

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Americans everywhere were stunned on Saturday when a series of bombings in New York and New Jersey left 29 people injured. Late that night, Hillary Clinton gave a brief press conference on her campaign plane in which she addressed the acts of terror. However, viewers immediately noticed something quite odd about her appearance and demeanor that once again called into question her abilities to be president.

Bizpaz Review reported that many took to social media to point out that Clinton appeared as though she was about to pass out during the clip above. The Democratic presidential nominee seemed so sedated that users claimed she seemed drunk or even drugged.

Political commentator Mark Dice was quick to point out Clinton’s strange appearance.

“Is this our future commander-in-chief? Is this who you want to be running America as ISIS continues to grow stronger by the day?” Dice asked as he played a clip of her speech.

“Wake up Hillary!” he said. “Do you need some coffee grandma?”

A legion of other Twitter users agreed with him.




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