What Was Just Spotted At Hillary’s Latest Rally PROVES She’s Sick

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been desperately fighting rumors in the past few months that she is secretly in very poor health. Though she has always claimed that she is perfectly healthy, something was just spotted at one of her rallies that suggests she is indeed hiding a serious medical problem from the American public.

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver was shocked to see EMT workers traveling with Clinton to her Labor Day rally in Cleveland. The workers were always nearby with a gurney, seemingly in case Clinton needed to be rushed to the hospital.

“I’m standing there waiting for Hillary to come out of her tent and the event was already running over an hour behind, so I had a feeling something was wrong, that maybe she was sick….and sure enough I turn right around and there is a gurney and there’s these EMS workers bit they are wearing what looks like bullet proof vests,” said Weaver.

The men who were seen wheeling out the gurney emerged from the same ambulance that had been part of Hillary’s motorcade.

“They were staged right behind stage waiting in the event that maybe she might have had something happen or maybe she fainted or fell,” said Weaver, adding that Clinton “sounded so sick in person” when she finally emerged from the tent to give her cough-addled speech.

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