While We Were All Talking About Hillary’s Health, Obama Secretly Did THIS

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When Barack Hussein Obama first entered office seven long years ago, Israel was one of the United States’ closest allies. However, during his presidency, Obama has completely alienated the nation. Now, as everyone is focused on the presidential election, Obama’s secret plan to take down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just been exposed.

Last Friday, his secret plan to take Netanyahu down was exposed when a congressional investigation found that State Department officials deleted emails from accounts that contained information about Obama’s relationship with OneVoice, a non-profit group that led an unsuccessful effort to oust the Israeli Prime Minister.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the investigation stemmed from an internal government report that determined the State Department provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to OneVoice. According to Conservative Tribune, OneVoice received $465,000 in U.S. grants through 2014, and it has been accused of handing over some of that money to partisan political groups that were trying to oust Netanyahu. U.S. tax law prohibits non-profit groups from participating in activities like this one.

Sen. David Perdue, R.-Ga, is leading nine lawmakers in requesting that Obama’s State Department provide information about how U.S. tax dollars were allowed to be spent on an organization that was working against Netanyahu.

“State Department officials utterly failed to follow established procedures and guidelines to properly identify, mitigate, or guard against any risk that OneVoice would misuse these funds before, during, and after the grant period,” the letter from the lawmakers stated. The letter added that the State Department did not provide proper oversight about how U.S. funds were being spent by OneVoice.

Because of these failures described above, “OneVoice was able to use the more than $300,000 grant to build campaign infrastructure and resources which later were deployed in support of a negative campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud Party, and the democratically elected coalition government of Israel during the 2015 Israeli parliamentary election,” the letter argued.

The letter called for the State Department to answer questions about the grant, including how it vetted OneVoice. Congress will also determine what “disciplinary action” will be taken against officials who knew about the plan and did nothing to stop it.

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