White House Doctor Turns On Hillary – Reveals Major Health Issue She’s Been HIDING

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted that the Democratic presidential nominee is suffering from pneumonia on Sunday hours after she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial. Now, a Navy captain who was the White House physician during the Clintons’ time in the White House has come forward to explain that Hillary’s health problems are nothing new, and that she has been hiding them from the public for decades.

In a memoir of her time at the White House entitled The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents, Dr. Connie Mariano recounted that back in 1998, Hillary allowed her staff and the general public to think that issues she had with her right leg were due to a pulled muscle. In reality, they were due to a serious blood clot.

According to Western Journalism, when she was finally able to examine Hillary’s leg herself, Mariano insisted that the then-first lady immediately go to Bethesda Naval Hospital for an ultrasound. There, Mariano’s diagnosis was confirmed, but Hillary did not want to say in the hospital, so she was treated as an outpatient by taking blood-thinning drugs.

“Hillary was back on the campaign trail within days … very few people knew of Hillary’s blood clot at the time; she wrote about it after she left the White House,” Mariano said in her book. “She did have a pain in her calf but her staff thought she had pulled a muscle exercising.”

The doctor went on to write about Hillary’s treatment.

“I assigned a female nurse in civilian attire to accompany Hillary on the campaign trail,” Mariano wrote. “I also notified the Secret Service that she was on medication. In the event she was injured, excessive bleeding would be a dangerous complication.”

As we all know, Hillary suffered another blood clot in 2013, but that one was right by her brain.

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