ALERT: Trump’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True… Could This Ruin Everything?

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With just ten days to go before the election, Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans are soaring in the polls. That’s why liberals are trying to do something drastic to ensure Hillary Clinton and other Democrats come out victorious on Election Day.

According to Bloomberg, multiple cities are moving to expand voting rights to include noncitizens. The latest city to do this is San Francisco, whose Election Day ballot will include a measure allowing the parents or legal guardians of any student in the city’s public schools to vote in school board elections. Under this measure, people with green cards, visas, or no documentation at all would be allowed to vote.

“One out of three kids in the San Francisco unified school system has a parent who is an immigrant, who is disenfranchised and doesn’t have a voice,” says San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu, the son of Taiwanese immigrants. “We’ve had legal immigrants who’ve had children go through the entire K-12 system without having a say.”

Chiu added that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote to bypass the “broken immigration system in this country.”

Of course, most illegal aliens will vote Democrat, which is why liberals are so desperate to give them this right.

Cities all over America are following San Francisco’s lead on this. SHARE this story if you think illegals should NOT be a

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