BREAKING: Chris Wallace Drops BOMBSHELL Before Moderating Next Debate

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Patriots everywhere were extremely disheartened by the first two presidential debate, as moderators Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper, and Martha Raddatz blatantly rigged the proceedings against Donald Trump. However, with Fox News host Chris Wallace set to host the next debate next Wednesday, things are about to go VERY differently…

“I’m the first Fox moderator to do a general election debate and I’m very proud for the news organization,” Wallace recently told fellow Fox News host Bret Baier. “I think it’s a recognition of the fact that we do serious journalism.  Some critics say no, but the fact is, you and I know we do. And here’s the Commission on Presidential Debates recognizing that.”

Wallace brings tons of experience to his role as moderator, as he has participated in coverage of nearly every major political event and has secured several high-profile interviews with dignitaries and U.S. leaders in his 13 years with Fox.

We can only hope that Wallace actually moderates a fair debate and allows Trump the chance to shine.

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