BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Says Illegal Aliens CAN Vote – Trump Was Right…

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WikiLeaks released arguably their most disturbing email dump yet this week when they leaked documents in which Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta said that illegal aliens could vote if they just showed a driver’s license.

“I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated,” Podesta wrote, according to The Gateway Pundit. “On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.”


Last year, almost half of California’s driver’s licenses were given to illegal aliens. A total of 12 states and the District of Columbia allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, so allowing this group to vote could swing the entire election in Clinton’s favor.

This proves once again that Trump is right: Clinton is a LIAR, and this election is RIGGED!

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